Promote your business online

Search Engine Optimization – Visibility – Traffic – Content Creating and Sharing

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – must be done

Your website is made searchable when you use key words pertaining to what you offer throughout your website. Key words are the most relevant terms and phrases people use when searching online. Search engine optimization starts with strategic copy writing based on those relevant key words. Other non-word content like images, media, downloadable files, categories for your content or even whole pages can be tagged and described to increase searchability of your site.

Website activity makes your site more visible

Each time you update your website by adding or editing content, the activity itself adds visibility to your website. Traffic – how many visitors come to your website monthly – is the main way to boost visibility. The greater the traffic, the greater the ranking of your website. There are many ways to link – from other websites and social media platforms – back to your website, as long as you have relevant copy and content to link back to.

Content makes your website worth sharing

What truly changes a website from just sitting there on a server to being visited and shared by many people is having great content worth sharing. Great content is simply content that is helpful, problem-solving, educating or inspiring. It is hard to share your website on social media or other platforms, including emailing directly to your audience, unless you make it worthwhile for others (with great content) to visit your website.

Copy vs. Content


Copy is text that covers subjects of who you are, your products and services. In other words – it is about you, even when you write it in a client-centered way. What you offer, your description of products, services, terms and conditions are all parts of the copy of your website.


Content is additional, bonus material that you provide as helpful, insightful, problem-solving or inspirational resources for the visitors. Content can be articles, tips, tools, written or video blogs, or any other type of resource that helps with what a visitor might need.