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Your goals and purpose of your website

Besides understanding that your website presents who you are and what you offer, your website is a marketing tool and we’ll take a step further to clarify your goals the site is to serve. What do you want to achieve through the website – to bring in new clients, build your brand and grow traffic, make sales, or simply have a website as an online business card?

While your goals are about what you want to achieve by having a website, its purpose will always be communicating clearly and bringing value to your primary audience.

Defined goals and purpose of your website will determine the kind of pages you will need to communicate your offer to potential clients.

Presentation and scope of your website

The scope of your website includes the number and the kind of pages the site will consist of. Do you only  need a standard set of copy pages presenting who you are and what you offer? Or addition of blog or video posts to further serve and stay in touch with your audience? Do you need an event calendar, appointment scheduler or online store? Opt-in forms to grow your email list? Integration with your social media accounts?

Presentation of what you offer is about organization, user friendly layout and visual language that supports effective communication to your audience. Would visually richer or simpler page design present you to your audience more authentically?

Web design cost and bonuses

The cost is in large part determined by the scope of your website – the number and the kind of pages your site will consist of. You can request a free estimate based on the initial interview.

Bonuses  – complementary services available as a part of your website design project:

  • Consultation on a number of subjects to help you present yourself professionally
  • Search engine optimization
  • Business card design that matches your website
  • Email campaign launching your new website

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