Your products and services presented in a language that resonates with your audience

Demystifying brand development


Identifying your brand starts with describing the essence of what you offer and why you do it in the first place. The next step is to define all the ways that describe how what you offer differs from your competitors. The What, Why and How is your brand. Developing your brand is to design visual presentation and messages in a language your audience understands and responds to. Branding is a marketing strategy that delivers the brand message to your audience. Your brand is not static, it keeps developing in time as you and your audience grow and change. Start with an in depth understanding of the match between you and your audience so that you can develop your brand in the right direction.

Your product and services

What is the essence of what you offer? Which of your clients needs are met by the products and services you provide? What specific problems are they designed to solve? What difference do you make to others by what you do? What are the qualities and features of your products and services that are created and perceived as values? Your answers to these questions is the beginning to define your brand.

Why you do what you do

To identify your WHY, the deeper reasons you do what you do, is to identify emotion and drive that gives that extra vibrancy to your products and services. If you are driven, on a mission or simply love what you do, your clients will feel a positive difference when using your products or services. Aware or unaware of it, we are all attracted to people who are optimistic and full of energy, we prefer using better quality products, we tend to choose to go to high energy events or opt for excellent service. What is your why and how do you express it?

Who is your client base?

Understanding your client base – their needs, concerns and preferences – is essential in order to communicate the message of your brand effectively. To grasp not only how what you offer makes a difference to your client but also how to deliver it based on your clients expectations and preferences, is the foundation of developing your branding strategy. Here you adjust your communication in verbal and visual language so that your clients hear you and respond to you.

How do you differ from your competitors

How specifically are your products and services different from those of your competitors? What is unique about your approach and how you deliver your services? What difference does that make to your clients/customers? What are advantages your audience can appreciate about giving you business vs someone else? What is your promise to your clients? Does what you offer include things like complimentary service, special offers or payment options?

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