COST OF WEB DESIGN – expense vs. investment

The difference between having a website and utilizing it to get business

Important fact about your website designers won’t tell you 

The fact is that unless you share your website – bring people to it – your website won’t be viewed much, if at all. These days having a website is equivalent to what having a business card used to be. The principle remains the same though – a business card in your pocket, unless you make a connection as you give it to someone, won’t make your phone ring. Understanding this defines your website as either an expense or an investment. A website sitting somewhere, rarely visited ends up being an expense. Only a website that is actively used to bring people to it is an investment that pays off by creating business for you.

A simple biz-card website

A copy based website that covers primarily who you are and what you offer is often referred to as a biz-card website. A basic website as such usually consists of 5-8 pages. The cost for designing biz card website depending on the scope of the website and richness of the visual design runs typically from $1450 – $1775. This includes consultation and website launch email campaign.

Content based website

Content based website is designed from the start to serve your audience by offering new regularly created content. It will have basic copy pages to present who you are and what you offer while the rest will be the content that educates, inspires and motivates your audience. The content aspect of the website includes consulting, content planning and marketing strategy. The cost of a content based website runs typically  from $1850 – $3450 based upon scope and visual design of the website.

Adding an online store

Adding an online store to the copy and content aspect of your website allows you to sell product and services. An online store integrated with your site starts at $875 with fee adjustment depending on the number and kinds of products and services you offer.

How to offset the cost of web design 

For each new client that comes to us through your referral you will be gifted $120 – as a token of appreciation – either towards the cost of your website while in the process of being built or sent to your Venmo.

Hosting, security, email and 3rd party software

Your website hosting, SSL certificate, additional security shield, business email and any other 3rd party product or service are separate expenses from the cost of web design and marketing consulting by Right Presentation.

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