Attractive web design and user friendly layout

Good readability – Easy navigation – Visual enjoyment


Addressing the audience
Talk to your audience with empathy, in a practical and sensible language, always addressing their needs, interests and concerns, regardless of what the subject is.
Keep it short and to the point
Because we tend to read online by scanning pages, writing for web has to be short and to the point. Have clarity on what you want to say, then deliver it in a concise and articulate manner.
Use keywords and search phrases
In order for your website to be found by search engines, the text on your site must have certain search words within it; the same keywords others use when searching for a subject that your website covers.


C o l o r s
Choosing the right colors for your website is somewhat like an interior design project. Colors give a web page a feeling, the way a room is designed to evoke a certain experience. By invoking emotion, right colors help your message to be received as intended.
I m a g e s
A good image compliments text and amplifies the meaning you are trying to convey. Beware of using images that contradict or overwhelm what you are saying. It is not a pretty page itself that is attractive, but rather the thoughtfulness and creativity behind it.
F e e l
Feel is the composition where all the elements of a web page come together. This creates the overall sense about who you are and what you offer. A well designed website is similar to a well done portrait, where the subject’s essence is captured, while each part serves the whole.


Relevant content
Stick to content that is truly relevant to communicate your message to your audience. Separate the essential from further elaborations on any given subject. Save elaboration for blogs, articles or social media posts. Keep your main web pages uncluttered.
Layout and navigation
Create a layout that allows a clear understanding where everything is on your site. Map out your content and present it in a logical sequence so that anyone can follow along. Use color coding, icons and visible buttons to further assist navigation.
Room for growth
Allow room for growth from the very start. Think of growth in several ways: A) growth as expansion, elaborating upon your main content, B) growth in quality, i.e. an improved design, or C) growth by adding sections for new services and products.